Sababay Winery


Sababay winery is located on the highway linking Bali’s busy center of Kuta-Denpasar-Sanur to the east and north east of the island. A mere 30 minutes will take you to our recently established winery overlooking the bay of Saba. Grapes come all year round so it was designed to accommodate the farmers’ crops on a regular basis and to be able to blend the different "vintages” in order to maintain consistent quality as anyone would expect. We imported top of the range French equipment to assure a soft treatment of the grapes prior to fermentation. This stage is crucial as we are dealing with local grapes with thick skins and large pips and any roughness will result in low quality juice with plenty of astringency. Fermentation is conducted in temperature controlled stainless tanks and, after clarification and filtration, bottling completes the processing. Every step of the way, our products are analyzed in our laboratorium which is also our sensory evaluation room where the wines are tasted and where blending is decided. Once bottled our wines are kept in cool rooms until dispatching to your enjoyment with our gentle care. The winery with its tiled flooring and walls, its beautiful lined up stainless steel tanks, its magnificent window bay, and the lush garden all around are the views offered to all our visitors. A complete guided tour of the winery is upon advanced request.